05.19.2021: Cicada Exoskeletons is an album 3 years in the making and will be released later this summer/fall (2021) on all streaming platforms plus as a 12" vinyl double LP. Consisting of 14 brand new songs, the album features some of my long-time influences including Sole (Anticon), The Grouch (Living Legends), Kristoff Krane, Murcii Miller, and Bodi (Elephant Memories) as well as production from Mack Formway (Art Vandelay), Captain Midnight, and Qreepz. Keep an eye on my Facebook and Instagram pages for the release and pre-order announcement!


07.05.2020: New single released, "Jurassick Dark." Available on Bandcamp! Inspired by my long time love for dinosaurs, the first Jurassic Park movie, and my continued audio work on the Jurassic Park pinball machine.


10.19.2019: New single released, "LMC." Available as a free download on Bandcamp! Dedicated to my pinball playing, Mr. Bear walking, Jag of a friend. Enjoy and please share!



Tim Stiles is an independent hip-hop artist from Seattle, WA–historically known as the lead vocalist/rapper of satirical hip hop band, Passion Party. While writing outlandishly hilarious stabs at the eccentricities of society, nerd culture, and relationships is prevalent in his contributions to the band, Tim is no one trick pony. He’s a clever wordsmith in his own right unafraid to branch out into more conscious directions while maintaining an engaging stage presence. Tim’s solo efforts and collaborations with other artists have resulted in a topically diverse catalog ranging from celebratory and grateful to provocative and personal. Regardless of the theme, the end result is a song that’s unique, relatable and accessible. There’s a beauty in Tim Stiles’ consistent track record of inconsistency. Thanks for visiting!


Formed in 2012 by frontman Tim Stiles and producer Adam Drew, Passion Party defines the genre of ‘satirical hip-hop.’ With the utmost cleverness and tact, they tackle themes encompassing self-deprecation, love, real-life, fantasy, nerd culture, and first world problems – topics traditional hip-hop acts wouldn’t dare touch. Combining early 90’s synth with sultry horns, deliberately placed samples, traditional hip-hop percussion, and hilarious content, the group never ceases to ensue laughter and entertain. Engaging live performances, crowd banter, costumes, and visuals create an experience that caters to all walks of life.

Albums: Bored Games (Spotify – Bandcamp – iTunes)
The Unihorn EP (Spotify – Bandcamp – iTunes)