Now available in both digital and limited edition vinyl, Visceral Candy’s “Feat. Tim Stiles” vacillates between neurotic self-consciousness and oblivious swagger. Seth Swift and Ian Hernandez (of Visceral Candy) move on from their last concept album about losing pets with a push/pull of morose poetry and frivolous bragging. Featured collaborator Tim Stiles (of Passion Party) leads the sense of gravitas on this record, riffing on uncomfortable dinner parties, men who dress as clowns, and stuffing your [expletive] face. Local recording artist and producer Jay Battle (QREEPZ, Dead Rich, Gran Rapids) takes a leap in producing live instrumentation.

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Track Listing:

  1. Stuff My Face Off
  2. Simpatico feat. Jay Battle
  3. Plastic Sleep
  4. Clown Shoes
  5. Coffee & Cigarettes
  6. You’re The Best
  7. Until It Makes Nonsense
  8. Cigarettes & Coffee
  9. Scratching My Head
  10. Miyagi’s Trident aka. Seth’s Revenge