11.05.2021: The official music video for Jar Of Fireflies was shot in hi-res 4k at various locations, parks, and strips around West Seattle, WA including The Corner Pocket Billiards & Lounge and Tim's home. While we may not stay young forever, we should never stop collecting the memories which encompass our lives on this earth. Video produced and edited by J. Lee Mezus. I hope you enjoy it!


09.03.2021: Available now, Cicada Exoskeletons is an album 3+ years in the making, reflecting on both positive and negative aspects of what we know as life. Its songs celebrate and expose Tim's position from point A to point Z and everywhere in between in a manner both genuine and relatable. The entire album is now available on all digital streaming platforms!


A LIMITED EDITION 2 x VINYL LP version (limited to 300 copies) is also available for pre-order via my Bandcamp Page (delivery Jan/Feb 2022). Consisting of 15 brand new songs, the album features some of my long-time influences including Sole (Anticon), The Grouch (Living Legends), Kristoff Krane, Murcii Miller, and Bodi (Elephant Memories) as well as production from Mack Formway (Art Vandelay), Captain Midnite, and Qreepz. Look out for a debut video of the song, Jar Of Fireflies which I'll post my YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram pages (produced by J. Lee Vertz of AudioDose). Check out the teaser below!

Cicada Exoskeletons 2 x LP Mockups


10.19.2019: New single released, "LMC." Available as a free download on Bandcamp! Dedicated to my pinball playing, Mr. Bear walking, Jag of a friend. Enjoy and please share!


Donovan Totino
Donovan Totino
local west seattle rapper Tim Stiles features my bar in his music video <3
Tim Stiles
Tim Stiles
New music video "Jar Of Fireflies" out now!

Cicada Exoskeletons
Full-length album available at Bandcamp:
Tim Stiles
Tim Stiles
Tom Dyer at FreeForm Northwest KAOS 98.3 FM will be playing a track from Cicada Exoskeletons today between 1-1:30pm PST! Link to tune in to his show below!
#RadioShow #AlbumRelease #kaos893fmolympia #listen #cicadaexoskeletons
Tim Stiles
Tim Stiles
I don't know about you but I hate being called "boss" or "chief." I'm working on a new song + producer on an EP with this notion in mind. Here are the lyrics thus far for 'Who's the Boss?'

'Please don't belittle me if you can't remember my name
I've probably forgotten yours, so we're both to blame
And that's fine, forgetfulness increases with age
But so should respect for one another, don't be dismayed

It's ok, just admit it to my face ya forgot
Don't back-pedal by guessing what it is not
I won't be livid, we're all just fish in a pond
But whatever my name is, it definitely isn't "boss"

Look, some people put the "pro" in pronouns
And that's the opposite of how to make the merry-go-around
Meetings impersonal are a virtual step down
Treating our peers like they elected to be let down

With a flex of the chest, d**k semi-erect
It's those with little to no intellect and a tattooed neck
It's greetings so indirect that they're demeaning at best
It's this downright disrespect which I cannot accept

I don't know if it's tradition or you're establishing position
But "boss" connotations make me feel like trash in the kitchen
Perhaps its a way to for you to mock or manipulate
But approaching others in this way is just a bad decision

This ironic hyperbole is clouded with uncertainty
And when that's how you refer as me, it curtains on curtesy
I'm a person, not some object in your periphery
It's about time you changed up your delivery

At first I was elated thinking you'd make it in this round
You'd greet me by my first name, then we'd pop some Chrystal
But the way that you played it has me clenching my fist now
Coming off so abrasive, I hate it, I'm so pissed now

This monster you've created is creating a list now
Of dirt bags so jaded who'll never get a fist pound
You missed out, I wish you'd get the f**k out of this town
For now I'm walking away from this clown

Who's the Boss? Not me, when that's what you call me
Who's the Boss? You are, when that's what you call me
Who's the Boss? All of us at any given moment, neither are in charge
Whos the Boss? Well that's me, but only if you spell it b-a-w-s-e'
Tim M Stiles
Tim M Stiles
You can now play most of my music on TouchTunes! I've spent many years trying to make this happen and as of today it finally has!!!
Tim Stiles - Jar Of Fireflies (Official Video) via @YouTube
Tom Dyer at FreeForm Northwest @kaosolympia KAOS 98.3 FM will be playing a track from Cicada Exoskeletons today between 1-1:30pm! Tune in:
#RadioShow #AlbumRelease #kaos893fmolympia #listen #cicadaexoskeletons
“If you are a fan of Sage Francis or Brother Ali, you’ll love @timstilesmusic. He’s smart and silly in all of the best possible ways.”
Happy 19th birthday, Yi!!! The sweetest kitten ever.