05.19.2021: Cicada Exoskeletons is an album 3 years in the making and will be released later this summer/fall (2021) on all streaming platforms plus as a 12" vinyl double LP. Consisting of 14 brand new songs, the album features some of my long-time influences including Sole (Anticon), The Grouch (Living Legends), Kristoff Krane, Murcii Miller, and Bodi (Elephant Memories) as well as production from Mack Formway (Art Vandelay), Captain Midnight, and Qreepz. Keep an eye on my Facebook and Instagram pages for the release and pre-order announcement!


07.05.2020: New single released, "Jurassick Dark." Available on Bandcamp! Inspired by my long time love for dinosaurs, the first Jurassic Park movie, and my continued audio work on the Jurassic Park pinball machine.


10.19.2019: New single released, "LMC." Available as a free download on Bandcamp! Dedicated to my pinball playing, Mr. Bear walking, Jag of a friend. Enjoy and please share!


Tim Stiles
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What do you guys think? I've been pining over vinyl colors all day. Here's a full art mockup I just made with a transparent merlot for the vinyl itself.
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Yen Wor Village
Sang a couple karaoke songs tonight for the lady at Yen Wor. Been a while. I'm rusty. I'm chalking it up to release show practice. Need to memorize the Cicada Exoskeletons songs. There won't be a text prompt when that time comes!
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I have a serious problem... already out of room but couldn't resist jumping on this gem of a machine. Will be here in a couple weeks!
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Inner gatefold art for the Cicada Exoskeletons vinyl is progressing!
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My stepmom texted me me this tonight after I sent her a link to listen to Cicada Exoskeletons. I teared up immediately. The validation from my family and friends is more than I could ever ask for.

If someone asked you right now, "What do you plan to do once we get back to normal?" In one short sentence / phrase, how would you respond?

Thanks for being a legend @timstilesmusic. And for teaching me more about baseball in one song than I learnt in 8 years of living in LA lol

NEW RELEASE for you fellow dinosaur and Jurassic Park lovers
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I just released "Jurassick Dark" on Bandcamp for all you dinosaur lovers and bible story skeptics. Please enjoy and share!