05.06.2022: Check out my new collaboration with talented producer and frequent Twitch streamer, DonoVillain! Our first single, Who's The Boss? is now available on all digital / streaming platforms! How does being called "Boss" come across to you? Please let us know via social media! @timstilesmusic @donovillain


04.20.2022: Available now both digitally and as a Limited Edition 2x Vinyl, Cicada Exoskeletons is an album 3+ years in the making, reflecting on both positive and negative aspects of what we know as life. Its songs celebrate and expose Tim's position from point A to point Z and everywhere in between in a manner both genuine and relatable.

A LIMITED EDITION 2 x VINYL LP version (limited to 300 copies, double 180gm color vinyl w/ full color gatefold) is available via my Bandcamp Page. Consisting of 15 brand new songs, the album features some of my long-time influences including Sole (Anticon), The Grouch (Living Legends), Kristoff Krane, Murcii Miller, and Bodi (Elephant Memories) as well as production from Mack Formway (Art Vandelay), Captain Midnite, and Qreepz. You can watch the official video for the debut song, Jar Of Fireflies  via my YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram pages (produced by J. Lee Vertz of AudioDose).

The entire album is also on all digital streaming platforms!


Cicada Exoskeletons 2 x LP Mockups


11.05.2021: The official music video for Jar Of Fireflies was shot in hi-res 4k at various locations, parks, and strips around West Seattle, WA including The Corner Pocket Billiards & Lounge and Tim's home. While we may not stay young forever, we should never stop collecting the memories which encompass our lives on this earth. Video produced and edited by J. Lee Mezus. I hope you enjoy it!


09.19.2021: Check out the shining review of Cicada Exoskeletons at Nada Mucho! 


CLICK HERE TO VIEW: Album Review - Tim Stiles’ “Cicada Exoskeletons”

"If you are a fan of Sage Francis or Brother Ali, you’ll love Tim Stiles. He’s smart and silly, in all of the best possible ways."


Tim Stiles
Tim Stiles
I decided to revive the videos I made back in 2016 when my coworkers and I dominated the Q13 Fox News Pick My Pet Contest. Click the YouTube link below to view the playlist of all 15 contestant videos (BTW apologies for the audio issues. Reviving 2016 vids isn't an easy task). Enjoy!
Tim Stiles
Tim Stiles
My original pressing of Deep Puddle Dynamics' (The Taste of Rain... Why Kneel) was stolen many years ago. I've been unable to find the same, original at a reasonable price. Thanks to B. Dolan a 2nd pressing was just released. I decided to splurge for the test pressings and got the records today. I'm so thankful. This album holds a dear place in my heart. The entire package is beautiful! I hope Alias (Brendon) is smiling from above, just like I am now. Time to spin it! #deeppuddledynamics #alias #anticon #slug #doseone #sole #vinyl
Tim Stiles
Tim Stiles
I'm offering a bundle incl. both of my limited edition vinyls for 20% Off + Free Shipping (Cicada Exoskeletons 2x LP + Visceral Candy Feat. Tim Stiles LP) Purchase also includes digital downloads of both albums.
Tim Stiles
Tim Stiles
The Black Betty Trials (Power Pony)
Tim Stiles
Tim Stiles
I am and will remain forever proud of the VC x TS album. Please take the time to watch the videos in this playlist.
Tim Stiles
Tim Stiles
"At least your album's out bro. Yeah true, but kids don't buy your record no more, they download."
Will everyone that sees this retweet this so that people know my old account was stolen and they need to follow this one so they can be reminded about my phat ass rap songs?
Tim Stiles - Jar Of Fireflies (Official Video) via @YouTube
Tom Dyer at FreeForm Northwest @kaosolympia KAOS 98.3 FM will be playing a track from Cicada Exoskeletons today between 1-1:30pm! Tune in:
#RadioShow #AlbumRelease #kaos893fmolympia #listen #cicadaexoskeletons
“If you are a fan of Sage Francis or Brother Ali, you’ll love @timstilesmusic. He’s smart and silly in all of the best possible ways.”
Happy 19th birthday, Yi!!! The sweetest kitten ever.