10.19.2019: New single released, "LMC." Available as a free download on Bandcamp! Dedicated to my pinball playing, Mr. Bear walking, Jag of a friend. Enjoy and please share!


08.07.2019: New single released, "Unfortunate Son & Daughter Ornaments" from Tim Stiles' upcoming solo album. Available as a free download on Bandcamp! Please enjoy and don't forget to be human to one another.


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Oldschool Arcade
Just helped the awesome people at Oldschool Arcade diagnose the ball counter issue on their Data East Jurassic Park. Just a couple loose solder joints on two switches!
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Tim Stiles
"Get ready cause you're going for a long hike..." Picking this up has been long overdue. Original pressing. #cb4 #straightouttalocash
Tim Stiles
Tim Stiles
A gracious friend of mine found & mailed me my childhood G1 Sludge + its original transformation instructions, so I DIY'd a frame for the latter. #morethanmeetstheeye
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Saving Face (Self-doubt)
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Please tune into Central Sounds on Hollow Earth Radio (KHUH 104.9) this Wed 1/29 10pm-midnight via the link below! It's a show hosted by an extremely talented + fantastic human, DJ Seabefore every last Wed. There may even be a couple songs of mine in rotation too!
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This guy never ceases to amaze me...
Tim Stiles
Released a brand new music video with Macntaj Lav!

@casOne1 @SFRupdates T-shirts too!
The candles are gone it seems. I was planning on lighting up my next seance with them. Bahhhhhhh

For my pinball playing, Mr. Bear walking, Jag of a friend, LMC
#ifpa #Pinball

So good to get back in the saddle today with this wizard. Been far too long.

How could I not write about an amazing player with the same birthday as me and expose the talent of an angel who's dear to my heart. I'll release the full track ASAP. Please share!!! #miketrout #angels #hiphop #trinityrichter

New Single - Unfortunate Son & Daughter Ornaments
Listen/download at

I failed to finish this solo album by my 40th but that's ok! I wanted to at least release 'Unfortunate Sons and Daughters' on the day of. My hope is that it hits close to home regardless of your role within.