05.06.2022: Check out my new collaboration with talented producer and frequent Twitch streamer, DonoVillain! Our first single, Who's The Boss? is now available on all digital / streaming platforms! How does being called "Boss" come across to you? Please let us know via social media! @timstilesmusic @donovillain


04.20.2022: Available now both digitally and as a Limited Edition 2x Vinyl, Cicada Exoskeletons is an album 3+ years in the making, reflecting on both positive and negative aspects of what we know as life. Its songs celebrate and expose Tim's position from point A to point Z and everywhere in between in a manner both genuine and relatable.

A LIMITED EDITION 2 x VINYL LP version (limited to 300 copies, double 180gm color vinyl w/ full color gatefold) is available via my Bandcamp Page. Consisting of 15 brand new songs, the album features some of my long-time influences including Sole (Anticon), The Grouch (Living Legends), Kristoff Krane, Murcii Miller, and Bodi (Elephant Memories) as well as production from Mack Formway (Art Vandelay), Captain Midnite, and Qreepz. You can watch the official video for the debut song, Jar Of Fireflies  via my YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram pages (produced by J. Lee Vertz of AudioDose).

The entire album is also on all digital streaming platforms!


Cicada Exoskeletons 2 x LP Mockups


11.05.2021: The official music video for Jar Of Fireflies was shot in hi-res 4k at various locations, parks, and strips around West Seattle, WA including The Corner Pocket Billiards & Lounge and Tim's home. While we may not stay young forever, we should never stop collecting the memories which encompass our lives on this earth. Video produced and edited by J. Lee Mezus. I hope you enjoy it!


09.19.2021: Check out the shining review of Cicada Exoskeletons at Nada Mucho! 


CLICK HERE TO VIEW: Album Review - Tim Stiles’ “Cicada Exoskeletons”

"If you are a fan of Sage Francis or Brother Ali, you’ll love Tim Stiles. He’s smart and silly, in all of the best possible ways."


Tim Stiles
Tim Stiles is feeling curious.
Funny how most of this original album's tracks have rap sections. How were we so blind back in the day to think those pictured were the actual singers + rappers!? Either way this record has at least 4 nostalgic gems #millivanilli
Tim Stiles
Tim Stiles
L*Roneous Can do no wrong. This Imaginarium tape I still have today has been a huge influence on my creativity.
Tim Stiles
Tim Stiles
Found these bills I had signed by artists during a show or two I attended way back in the early 2000s/late 90s. I can't remember nor quite make out all signatures but most definitely @delhiero and @sunspotjonz signed these. LMK if you can figure out the rest!
Tim Stiles
Tim Stiles
Still working on an album with my buddy Apostropheus. Figured I'd share what I wrote yesterday for one of our many tracks in the works:

"What does it take to relieve pressure fostered
From falling off your rocker
Onto the floor between two vaulted doors
Four paper squares made of blotter?

Barely staying afloat within wakes of water
It's taking a toll on your posture
Once there's no more you can take
Make an escape on a helicopter

Whose blades are made from limbs of a monster
Engine fueled by prescription slips,
Hamster wheel turning Guinea pigs
Who throw caution to the wind to give lift to the chopper

In this world, I have a lot to offer
But consistent days of inconsistent thought
Have me anger fraught, confused and locked
In constant state of hot and bothered

What is it gonna take to set me straight?
Can't even slow my brain down to meditate proper
Don't dare take me to the doctor
For now, let me self-medicate the problem

Break all the rules with my ghouls and goblins
In a cave wall painted by broken promises
What have I got to prove to anyone
Besides myself in solace?

The proof is in the pudding I've used to polish
Fossils of mollusks, shells now solid
Once I exit from the columns
And my dark mood is abolished...

My hand-shakes will bring all the noise to the yard of imposters
A void filled by broken down cars and dead authors
Allowing cheap thrills to heal the scars of a pill popper
Just take me somewhere...

My hand-shakes will bring all the noise to the yard of imposters
A void filled by broken down cars and dead authors
Allowing cheap thrills to heal the scars of a pill popper
Just take me somewhere...
Or I'll remain a slave to this dragon and chase it often..."
Tim Stiles
Tim Stiles
I miss Blue Scholars. Doing a song with Sabzi and Geologic has been on my bucket list for years but doesn't look like it's going to happen. Regardless, this track is the jam in so many ways.
#bluescholars #seattle #hiphop
Will everyone that sees this retweet this so that people know my old account was stolen and they need to follow this one so they can be reminded about my phat ass rap songs?
Tim Stiles - Jar Of Fireflies (Official Video) via @YouTube
Tom Dyer at FreeForm Northwest @kaosolympia KAOS 98.3 FM will be playing a track from Cicada Exoskeletons today between 1-1:30pm! Tune in:
#RadioShow #AlbumRelease #kaos893fmolympia #listen #cicadaexoskeletons
“If you are a fan of Sage Francis or Brother Ali, you’ll love @timstilesmusic. He’s smart and silly in all of the best possible ways.”
Happy 19th birthday, Yi!!! The sweetest kitten ever.