07.05.2020: New single released, "Jurassick Dark." Available on Bandcamp! Inspired by my long time love for dinosaurs, the first Jurassic Park movie, and my continued audio work on the Jurassic Park pinball machine.


10.19.2019: New single released, "LMC." Available as a free download on Bandcamp! Dedicated to my pinball playing, Mr. Bear walking, Jag of a friend. Enjoy and please share!


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Tim Stiles
Tim Stiles
I'm about 2 sessions away from finishing this album and I need to figure out a title. Please comment with suggestions! Here's the track list as it stands (in no particular order) if that helps inspire ideas.
Froggy Window
Private Parts feat. The Grouch
One Man Show
Family Free feat. Kristoff Krane
Baby Steps
Landlords feat. Sole
Apple Of My Eye
Jar Of Fireflies
Saving Face feat. Murcii Miller
Rose Colored Glasses
Lonely Girl feat. Bodi
Unfortunate Sons & Daughters
Swell In My Gut
Tim Stiles
Tim Stiles
Can't believe it's been 5 years now. While you may not miss this world so much, please know that it and everyone within it misses you.
Tim Stiles
‘She Is’ Live @ Substation | ‘Visceral Candy Feat. Tim Stiles’ Vinyl Release Show | 03.25.17
First and only live performance of 'She Is' at the album release show for 'Visceral Candy Feat. Tim Stiles' March 25th, 2017.In loving memory of Christina Lo...
Tim Stiles
Tim Stiles is feeling confident.
So close to finishing this album! Just waiting on feature contributions from two of my favorite artists. Still lots of work ahead once mastered i.e. deciding on the title, artwork, initiating the vinyl pressing, and all the distribution and promo pieces involved. However, finally being on the home stretch after so many years in the making is great feeling!
Tim Stiles
Tim Stiles
While listening to the astoundingly talented Qreepz create a beat for 'Jar of Fireflies' today...
Me: "I'm digging it so far!"
Jay: "Yeah this one is gonna bring 'em to the Lord! Banger."
Me: "Haha, I wanna see tears, I wanna hear 'em crying."
Tim Stiles
Tim Stiles
Finally have these two back in my collection after losing both records so long ago. There's little room left in here.
#alias #anticon #theothersideofthelookingglass #camplo #uptownsaturdaynight #vinyl

Thanks for being a legend @timstilesmusic. And for teaching me more about baseball in one song than I learnt in 8 years of living in LA lol

NEW RELEASE for you fellow dinosaur and Jurassic Park lovers
#JurassicPark #dinosaurs #hiphop

I just released "Jurassick Dark" on Bandcamp for all you dinosaur lovers and bible story skeptics. Please enjoy and share!